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What or Who is Virtual Copy?

Founded in 2011, Virtual Copy is a Digital Content Development service defined by and designed for you, the client.

Virtual Copy is:

Run by JC TorpeyLearn more about JC Torpey, an independent contractor and skilled creative writer. JC uses her industry knowledge, life experience, and natural writing ability to provide her clients with personalized digital content recommendations. She follows through by delivering original, quality writing, superior SEO and social media services, and an unmatched professionalism with a flair for Geek Chic, all of which has helped her blow the competition away since 2008.

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Virtual Copy is:

A complete Digital Content Development and Management service dedicated to providing clients with a full range of superior services.

Some of these include content creation, basic Design, SEO, Social Media, writing, website/blog maintenance and other digital services

Virtual Copy is:

Understanding of the fact that “cookie cutter,” “duplicate,” “rewritten,” “reused, “and “spun” are the new, “Four Letter Words” of 2013, and that “One Size Fits All,” doesn’t.

That’s why we offer personalized recommendations, prompt and professional service and all-original content under our 100% Original Content Guarantee.Read the Guarantee here.


Virtual Copy is:

Designed to help businesses grow and prosper. Every step of our Digital Content Development and management process is complete, meaning our services include everything a business owner needs to maintain their brand’s online presence and reputation, and grow their social influence.

Virtual Copy is:

Designed to get our clients and their businesses noticed, get their content shared, and help them to become a social giant, which can lead to their becoming authoritarians in their industry or niche.


Services Offered

Virtual Copy’s full range of Digital Content Development and Management services include everything from article and blog writing and editing services to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management services, and much more. We even offer a bit of logo designing and other basic design work, and a few things not listed here. Check out our full range of Digital Content Development and Management Services here.

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