Who is JC Torpey?

JC Torpey is:

 A Topical Expert & Independent Professional

JC is a topical expert and passionate about many things. JC earned a number of professional certificates and awards because of her skills and her independent studies in these industries.

JC develops and executes your Digital Content Plan by drawing from her real world educational and work experiences and skills.

Some include:
  • Information Technology, the Internet, and other general technology-related topics;
  • Computer maintenance, hardware and software installation and configuration, and Interne Security
  • Customer service, small business issues, and general business management;
  • Web design and development, art concepts, and a number of writing styles

This process results in her delivering creative content designed to engage readers, increase readership and following, and increase your ROI. This personalized service lets each client experience what professionalism is.

 View JC’s Portfolio 

Dedicated to Her Clients

JC focuses on each individual as if he or she is the only client. JC makes originality, professionalism, and quality her highest priorities. Every client can expect:

  • Professionally Written Content for On and Offline Projects
  • Superior Digital Content Development & Planning Services
  • Relevant, Researched Boutique Content for Any Niche
  • Superior SEO & Social Media Service
  • Unmatched Professionalism & Customer Service

Why Choose JC and Virtual Copy?

It’s simple…

Because above all else, JC operates Virtual Copy knowing that it cannot exist without her esteemed clients. That is why JC does the best job she can at offering quality writing and Digital Content Development and Planning services – because JC cares about you, her clients.

To learn more about JC, view her portfolio and Resume here. Ready to order? You can do so here.


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