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[pane title=”AMC sued for…”] “AMC sued for ‘Walking Dead’ profits, wrongful termination” published Dec. 18, 2013:

Former executive producer of “The Walking Dead,” Frank Darabont and CAA filed a suit for “unspecified money damages,” against AMC for alleged deprivation of profit, self-dealing, wrongful termination, and related issues on December 17.

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[pane title=”Instagram launching…“] “Is Instagram launching private messaging app, image printing?” published Dec. 11, 2013: 

New York – Instagram is holding a mysterious press event Thursday, but the invites contained no clues about the event topic, which has the tech world in a panic, speculating whether Instagram will unveil a private messaging app, or an Instagram printing service.

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[pane title=”New tigrina species…“]  “Scientists discover new tigrina wild cat species in Brazil Published Nov. 9, 2013:

During a study of three wild cat species descendant from the genus Leopardus living in Central and South America, scientists accidentally found that the northeastern and southeastern Tigrinas are different species – not different populations.

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