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The following excerpts are from articles I’ve published as the Philadelphia Computers Examiner.

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[pane title=”Philly Tech Week 2013 April 19 – 21 weekend recap“] Published April 23, 2013: Philly Tech Week 2013 began with a bang – a “pong” really. PTW 2013 runs this year from April 20 – 27, 2013, according to the PTW 2013 website. Opening weekend was packed full of daylong events, summits, and workshops by the hour. Following is a recap of some of the best events from opening weekend. Read more… [/pane]

[pane title=”The Week Ahead: Philadelphia Computers Events April 7 – 13“] Published April 6, 2013: While we’re all waiting for Philly Tech Week 2013 to open in Philadelphia on next week, tech junkies – and those who want to learn – are itching for some computer action. With that in mind, following are a few of the events that are taking place in the Greater Philadelphia Area in the week ahead, April 7 – 13, 2013. Read more...[/pane]

[pane title=”Beware of increase in Comcast phishing emails”] Published Feb. 4, 2013: Philadelphia-based cable, Internet, and phone service provider Comcast has seen an increase in the number of spoof or phishing emails, according to its Constant Guard website. The website reports four new phishing emails that are making the rounds, and that they are crafted to look as if Comcast sent them. On the bright side, Comcast announced today that it has implemented DMARC, which fights against the type of phishing attacks seen here. Read more...[/pane]

[pane title=”Philadelphia-based PHD Virtual Tech releases data back up and recovery software“] Published Dec. 5, 2012: Philadelphia based company PHD Virtual Technologies has released version 6.1 of PHD Virtual Backup, the company’s hit data protection offering, according to a press release issued on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012. Designed for use with both Citrix and VM Ware virtual environments, PHD Virtual 6.1 has added a number of new features to its already cutting-edge virtual disaster recovery offerings.Read more… [/pane]

[pane title=”Facebook’s Find Friends Nearby: for meeting people or stalking?“] Published June 24, 2012: According to a report from TechCrunch, Facebook released the newest addition to its mobile arsenal, and it’s called FriendShake, or Find Friends Nearby. Originally, the app was accessible using a desktop computer and the mobile web only. However, because the application was created for use by mobile phones, the FriendShake Find Friends Nearby page is also available in the Facebook mobile application. That app is available for both iOS and Android based smartphones in varying versions. Read More[/pane]

[pane title=”Philadelphians forced into Windows 7® as death of Windows XP® deadline quickly arrives“] Published June 14, 2012: Did you upgrade to Windows 7® yet? No, you would rather buy a netbook with Windows XP pre-installed than with Windows Vista or Windows 7? Well, if you never had plans to switch operating systems, but have plans for a new netbook with Microsoft Windows XP installed, you had better buy it soon. Die hard Windows XP users in Philadelphia and over the world are in for a quick death of their long time love. Read More…[/pane]

[pane title=”Philadelphia city council restricts free Wi-Fi access with $2M buyout“] Published June 1, 2010: So many people have a hard time paying their bills in Philadelphia that many do not have Internet service. Those who work on the Internet, such as freelance writers and web designers, need an Internet connection to produce income to support themselves and their families; however, the living wage for many of those who are freelancing is sometimes not even enough to buy food let alone pay for an “extra” such as an Internet connection. Read More[/pane]

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