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The following excerpts are from articles I’ve published as a Freelance Contributor to Yahoo! News.

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[pane title=”Winners of Webby Awards, People’s Voice Awards Announced“] Published April 30, 2013 to Yahoo! News: Winners of the 17th Annual Webby Awards and the People’s Choice Awards were announced earlier today. Patton Oswalt will host this year’s awards, and, according to the release, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) will present the awards on May 21 at Cipriani, located on Wall Street in New York City, NY. Read more...[/pane]

[pane title=”Philly Tech Week 2013: Startup Weekend Day 1-3 Schedule“] Published April 26, 2013 to Yahoo! News: Philly Tech Week 2013 (April 20-28) began with a high tech pong game that lit up the Cira Centre, and Day 3 of Startup Weekend will end the celebrations, according to the PTW 2013 Events Calendar. Startup Weekend registration begins at today, and Day 1 officially starts tonight, kicking off the PTW 2013 closing weekend, according to Startup Weekend Philly. Read more…[/pane]

[pane title=”Motorola Wins Patent Victories, Other Patent Wars “] Published Nov. 15, 2012: Motorola announced on Tuesday that the ITC Administrative Law Judge favored Motorola on six of seven patent infringement claims made by Microsoft, while favoring Microsoft for four counts of the seventh claim. The infringed patent, number 6370566, allows users to issue and schedule meeting requests on mobile devices. Read more at Yahoo News…[/pane]

[pane title=”Cut the Deficit by Cutting the Wars“] Published on Yahoo News Nov. 15, 2012: The federal government has a deficit of $1,332,676,368,880, according to a Congressional Budget Office report from August. Some claim the deficit is related to over-spending on entitlements, such as Social Security. Others say it is because not enough taxes are collected by the government. But there is a completely different aspect that still others have considered — and they are right. Read more at Yahoo! News…[/pane]

[pane title=”New Flashback G Mac Trojan Mirrors Attacks on Windows Computers “]Published on Yahoo News Feb. 24, 2012: A Mac-based Trojan, called the Flashback G Trojan, mirrors some attack mechanisms typically used in Windows-based attacks, according to a report by Sophos on Feb. 24; it is a variant on an infection found in September 2011. Read more… [/pane]

[pane title=”Massive Data Breach Affects 10 Million Global Payments Customers”] Published March, 31, 2012 to Yahoo News & Voices: What started as a small security breach of Global Payments, according to the Wall Street Journal, now affects more than 10 million cardholder accounts, according to Kerbs on Security. MasterCard and Visa maintain their systems are not affected…The good news is consumers with affected accounts will not be held liable for fraudulent activity, according to a ThreatPost report. Read More…[/pane]


The following excerpts are from articles I’ve published as a freelance contributor to Yahoo! Movies and Yahoo! TV.

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[pane title=”Philadelphia Film Festival First Half Report: Presented by the Philadelphia Film Society”]Published Oct. 20, 2010 to Yahoo! Movies: The 19th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival, which started October 14th and ends October 24th 2010, started with a rightly excited audience. The first half of the festival proved an outright success, and with packed theaters surprise guests and unbelievable fun, everyone in attendance received much more than initially expected. Read more…[/pane]

[pane title=”What ‘House’ Loves to Hate: What makes Dr. House, ‘House?’“] Published Dec. 8, 2010 to Yahoo! TV: Dr. Gregory House, for which “House” is named, is demented, cruel, heartless and cares only about one thing; finding the most interesting and sickest patients in the world to diagnose. However, one thing remains true; even though he is cold and has no bed-side manner to speak of, he is the most talented and genius of all clinical diagnosticians worldwide.Read more...[/pane]

[pane title=”How Long Will it Take ‘Fringe’s’ Peter Bishop to Figure Out Olivia is Not Olivia?”] Published Jan. 11, 2011 to Yahoo! TV: “Fringe’s” Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop make a great couple, but it is too bad that the couple is fake. Olivia is not the “real” Olivia from this universe and Peter has no clue that he is dating someone from his own, alternate universe… The question is, how long will it take Peter or his alternate father, Dr. Walter Bishop, to realize their Olivia is trapped on the other side living an alternate life? Read More…[/pane]


The following excerpts are from articles I’ve published as a freelance contributor to Yahoo! Voices.

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[pane title=”Find the Perfect Mouse: How Mechanical, Optical & Laser Mice Work”] Published Oct. 24, 2011 to Yahoo! Voices: Computer mice had their thirtieth birthday in April this year, so what better way to celebrate that look at the debate rages about which type of mice should be used with which type of activities. Of the mouse types available, the three most used include the mechanical mouse, optical mouse and laser mouse, and they are usually of the wireless variety, although many mechanical mice are wired. Read More…[/pane]


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