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Virtual Copy Helps Press Releases Get Noticed

Press Release Writing is not a simple task. In fact, some people have been professionally trained, have years of experience and still will not touch press release writing. With the specific formats, company information and other requirements that must be followed to write a properly worded and formatted press release, many writing services refuse to offer this service.

Not Virtual Copy…

In fact, here at Virtual Copy, we pride ourselves with being able to handle even the most important, most informative and detailed press releases you can throw at us. Our experienced writers have the skills and experience necessary to write any company announcements, press releases or other important company or business based news content, and we can write them with the same quality and professionalism you might expect from a $400 an hour corporate business writer.

Let Virtual Copy Help Get the Word Out!

Do you have a company announcement to make? Do you have a detailed, almost unreadable business report you “translated” into a legible press release or news article? Then Virtual Copy can help! We can also submit your written, proofed and edited release to many of the available Press Release websites for distribution as well.

For more information about our press release services, contact us today! 

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