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Search Engine Optimization…

The dreaded phrase webmasters and business owners do not want to hear anymore, especially since Panda went live in early February of this year. Nevertheless, SEO is a fact of life. As a necessary evil when you own and run a website, and despite the massive hit that hundreds of thousands of websites experienced in traffic, SEO and LSI analysis in addition to well written organic SEO content is more relevant than ever.

In fact, the truth is that no matter how great your website content is, no matter how well written and informative, if your content is not written using proper SEO techniques, it can result in lower search engine placement and the visitors never come.

They cannot visit the site if they do not know there is a site to visit, can they?

No Grey Areas…

When Virtual Copy writes your SEO content, we use only ethical, organic White Hat SEO techniques. That means no Black Hat Tricks, no grey areas, no playing with fire when it comes to search engine service agreements.

Why? For three reasons…

First, when you play with Black Hat SEO techniques, you are playing with the possibility of the search engines of banning your site forever. When you use search engines, you agree to use it according to their rules, and their rules forbid unethical techniques.

Second, when you use artificial techniques to create instant traffic, or traffic that you might not have gotten had you used ethical techniques, the minute you stop using those techniques, the traffic stops.

Third, because well written content using organic SEO techniques will find its own place in the search engines and, if it is written well enough, it will gain steady quality traffic over time – the type of traffic you need to sell your products or services. This same type of traffic keeps coming back. They are on your site because they want to be, not because they were tricked into clicking.

Virtual Copy’s SEO Services

This is why Virtual Copy offers great, well researched and ethical SEO content. We are trained SEO researchers, and we have the skills necessary to make your content pop. Then, using LSI keywords, we add relevant content to your articles and blogs so that the search engine crawlers are assured that your content is relevant to the keywords. Using these combined techniques, your content has a much better chance of making the top spots.

We offer many different SEO packages from article bundles to full website SEO health analysis, keyword research and much more. Let Virtual Copy analyze your website’s SEO health and write your content to see the difference that quality SEO content makes!

Get Ethical SEO!



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